12,000.00 ден

The Coravin™ Model Two Plus Pack is the ultimate Coravin experi-ence, combining Coravin’s most intuitive wine system with the Carry Case and Needle Kit.  Model Two is the best-in-class tool that keeps your wine safe from oxidation, using Coravin’s propri-etary technology that leaves the cork in place while the wine flows. The Plus Pack provides the flexibility to take your Coravin on the go, and gives you the confidence to access any cork, old or new.

Key Benefits
Wine Enthusiasts can expand their palates by exploring, comparing and contrasting regions, varietals, producers, styles and vintages without exposing entire bottles to oxidation.
Restaurants & Wine Bars can use the Coravin System to expand their wine programs by offering better wines by the glass, without the risk of oxidization if a bottle is not sold that night.
Wineries & Wine Stores can offer customers a taste of fine wines before they buy and use the Coravin System as an educational tool for in-store trainings and classes.

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