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A dry red wine produced 100 % from Vranec variety grapes that were let to partially dry on the vines. The density is typical for this variety; it has excellent vivacity and nice viscosity. The wine is defined by a dark ruby red color. Тhe fruity and spicy nose unveils a fusion of ripe blackberries, blueberries and plums, with a discreet hint of mint. The 30-month ageing process in new American and French oak barriqes ensures obtaining an exceptionally full-bodied and intense taste of red berries jam with a long and persistent chocolate aftertaste. The harmonic acids, the soft velvety tannins and the complex bouquet with a delicate structure provide this wine with a long ageing potential. If aged for an extended period, under appropriate ambient conditions, this wine will show even more complexity and splendor.

Recommended serving temperature: 15-18°С
Decanting prior serving recommended.

Pairing suggestions: with red meat specialties, game in a piquant sauce, or strong cheeses.

Alcohol: 15% by Vol.

Bottled: September 2023


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